Create a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude improves our existence. Gratitude helps us sleep better at night, cope during difficult times, and leads to better overall health. Practicing gratitude and writing in a gratitude journal each day is one way to ensure we reap the benefits of gratitude.

Suggestions for World Kindness Day

Today is World Kindness Day. With the whole world spreading random acts of kindness intentionally today, we wanted to share our ideas of how to do so with you.

Grow Your Gratitude Through Volunteering

If you have ever volunteered, you know it makes you feel good, but why? Let’s dig a little deeper into the wealth of benefits that volunteering brings and see how we can grow our gratitude quotient by offering up a few hours each month.

Color Your Memories with Positivity

Transform your neural structure. Shade your memories with positivity. Learn to use happy moments to counteract sad ones. After reading this post you will understand how our brain stores memory and how you can use that process to your advantage.

Benefits of a Meditation Retreat

Think back to the last time you meditated. Chances are you read a story about the benefits of a quick meditation session, or maybe you even heard about it from a friend. With life being as busy as it is, you were probably only able to get a ten or fifteen minute...

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