Many of us end our day emotionally drained. We feel the negative effects when we’re sucked into office politics, or being cut-off by a reckless driver on the road.

There are three simple steps to overcoming stressful situations:


Before responding to a negative situation, treat yourself better by taking a deep breath. The immediate benefit of calming your nerves also allows us to be mindful of how a particular situation may not be as dire as it looks. Many times these annoying situations are not worth our emotional energy.


Once you’ve had the calming moment from your deep breath, just let go! Free yourself from that negative scenario. Many times the problem is out of our control. Ignore office politics, negative news, road rage or just about any other source of negative energy that tries to wreak havoc with your day. Don’t let the situation rule you. Release yourself from someone else’s emotional bonds and live in freedom.


Tell yourself and the world what you are thankful for. This is how we turn a negative into a positive. If your friend, family member or environment won’t deliver daily inspiration to you – then find inspiration within. You are great. What you have done in this world counts and so do you. Expressing what you are thankful for completes the three-stages of removing daily stress.

Remember, this is not about managing stress. It is about removing stress from your daily life by rising above the fray and taking care of yourself first. You will be amazed how life becomes more positive. These three steps have proven long-term benefits, many of which we cover on SendThanks blog. Thank you for taking the time to read our post, we are eternally grateful.

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