No matter how much you might think you are not, everyone is at least a little creative. Not only is creativity naturally fun and stimulating, but it can fuel positive change in your life as well. Let’s check out how.

1. It Rewires Your Brain

Creativity is essentially all about finding new solutions to problems. But just because your novel solution here might be how to sketch a flower doesn’t mean you can’t apply that to other areas of your life. By committing to being creative, you’re naturally rewiring your brain to look at problems in new ways, to look for solutions in places you’d never think to look before. Who said creativity has no practical applications?

2. It Boosts Confidence

You might have an image in your head of the writer or artist who slaves over their work, filled with self doubt and anxiety. What you probably don’t have in mind is the image of the writer who sends out one of their stories and gets an acceptance letter. The artist whose work ends up displayed at the local coffee shop. The creative person who might not even care if anyone else sees their work as long as they’re proud of it.

3. It Puts Things Into Perspective

Can’t remember your past? Write about it. Feeling alone and afraid? Paint what that feels like. When you confront difficult feelings through creativity, you learn more about who you really are. And isn’t that what all positive change starts with?

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