Want to simplify your life? Like every other major change, you’ll have to start small. While we don’t have a way of adding more hours to the day, there are plenty of little ways to automate your daily tasks and create the illusion that you have added more hours to your day. It’s hard to cultivate gratitude when you’re stressed, and a great way to destress is to free up your time. Let’s look at three ways to do just that.

1. Autopay

It might not seem like it takes a long time to pay your bills, but it really adds up. By setting up autopay for all your major bills, you’ll free up extra time in your day, you’ll avoid missing a due date, and you’ll never have to deal with robotic call systems to make a payment.

TIP: Attach a credit card and not a debit card to your autopay account whenever possible. If there ever is a dispute, you wouldn’t have to wait for cash to be returned to your debit account.

2. Schedule Posts and Emails

If you have certain posts or emails that you have to send through your work or personal accounts, why not schedule them ahead of time? That way, you can get the work done ahead of time and sit back while your account does the rest. You can even check out tools that allow you to post to multiple platforms at once. You’ll be thankful you took this step. You can let email programs and platforms send out early morning campaigns while you hit the gym or hike your favorite trail.

3.  Use Your Calendar

Not enough people make use of their smartphone’s built-in calendar. You can plan calls and appointments and even sync important times and dates to the cloud so that you can access your calendar from any device. No longer do you have to scrawl things on the back of a napkin and hope you’ll remember the details later.

TIP: Scheduling your daily work tasks in “blocks” of time makes for better flow. When you automate your daily tasks, you free yourself up to enjoy your life instead of getting bogged down by stress.

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