Most of us wish we had a bit more abundance in our lives. Wonderfully enough there is a simple way to get there, through more gratitude. Being grateful is easy, and the benefits are fantastic.

We live in a vibrational universe that adheres to the law of attraction and practicing sincere gratitude for the things you appreciate will naturally bring more of them to you. What you focus on is what you bring more of into your life.

Quick Ways to Use Gratitude

Gratitude Journal – Many people like to keep a gratitude journal and jot down thankful thoughts of things that occur throughout the day. Some people prefer to make a list before bed and meditate on it. Either way, keeping a gratitude journal keeps your focus on thankfulness and love and away from the things you don’t want.

Pause and Look For Gratitude in Resistance – When you are feeling resistance, or negative emotions, take a moment and pause. Look around you and say out loud ten things you feel good about. Find the things that have the purest vibration of gratitude for you without any resistance. Make this a regular practice, and you will feel your vibration rise instantly.

Keep it Going – When you feel joyful or happy, keep it going full steam ahead by thinking another beautiful, grateful thought, and another, and another. Focus on the incredible feeling of gratitude and let it flow while drawing a stream of abundance to you effortlessly.

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