All of life is continuously flowing energy. When you are feeling joyful, and everything seems to be going your way, you are in alignment with the flow of pure source energy. However, if you feel less than wonderful in some way, you most likely have blocks that you need to address.

Everything you do, think or say has an energetic component and “intention.” The result is an outcome that reflects your vibration of how you feel about something. If you have scarcity thinking, you may be blocking abundance in your life with your money, your health or success.

Sometimes you are holding onto objects that contain energy aligned with your blocks. All you have to do to fix it is de-clutter your life. Essentially, you are making room for more positive things to come into your life by removing old, stale energetic totems.

Make Space in All Areas of Your Life

First, go through every part of your life and get rid of anything that does not make you feel good. To take this exercise even further, you can donate clothing, jewelry, and other belongings for even more positive energetic escrow.

Don’t leave any stone unturned; this does not apply to just physical objects. Evaluate relationships, jobs, health issues, money and every other facet of your life. Clear as much of the old energy as possible for abundance, happiness, and joy to come fill in the new space you created.



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