Earth Day reminds us of our responsibility to protect the environment in which we depend for our existence. There is only one earth, let’s protect it as if our life depended on it.

We at SendThanks are grateful to Mother Nature for all she provides. Celebrating Earth Day is important, so much so, that we believe every day should be a celebration of our precious environment and all living beings in it.

Take a moment and reflect on how you spend your day, consume, drive, transport, etc. and make an effort to move towards a greener more sustainable lifestyle. Think about these daily actions and how you can change them for the better.

Join us, as we offer a few simple solutions each of us can embrace during our day-to-day lives:

Plant a tree or plantings. While this seems one of the simplest Earth Day project ideas, the act of planting a tree has so many benefits. You’re creating a new home for wildlife, cleaning the air, and replacing valuable resources.

Cleanse the soul through community cleanups. Even if you feel you can’t find the time to volunteer in your local community then take a second reach down and pick up a wandering plastic bag. By doing small things you are contributing.

Pause on plastic. Take a moment throughout the day and make conscious decisions about the usage of plastic. Can you replace those disposable water bottles with a more eco-friendly reusable bottle? Do you really need that plastic bag when bagging groceries or can we reuse our own canvas bag?

Compost organically. So much of what we don’t eat winds up in landfills, especially if you live in the suburbs. Use this organic plant based waste on your gardens and lawns. You’ll see the results in beautiful plants and grass and save money in the process.

Buy local. Make your wallet count by sharing your wealth locally. All that shipping of small, basic items from one part of a country to another is damaging our air quality. Buying from a small business in your neighborhood reduces the carbon footprint.

Bike or Hike: Put your muscles to the test by letting your inner youth run free. Let go of the car keys or taxi, and do your part by reducing carbon emissions.

Advocate: send a message to politicians and local leaders that you do care about your environment and you are willing to support their efforts in building a more sustainable world. Join the movement through organizations such as and become part of the solution for a sustainable world.

Use this week to usher in a new season, springing forward towards a sustainable way of life.We at SendThanks, thank you for contributing in anyway you can, for a better world.

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