Many of us put off sending thank you notes for gifts received, only to realize weeks (if not months) have passed. We then begin to debate whether or not it makes sense to send thanks after so much time has gone by?

Truth is, it’s never too late, especially for the person receiving the thank-you note. The worst thing anyone can do is to not send a thank-you note.

If you have more than one person on your list to thank, count yourself fortunate and follow these simple tips:

Complete all your thank you messages in one night. You’ll be less likely to forget someone. Once you’ve completed the first “thank you” note the rest will flow easily.

If you have a spouse or partner then make it fun by writing notes as you both sip on wine or hot chocolate.

Take a selfie using, wearing or playing with the gift you received. “A picture is worth thousand words” is definitely true when sending thanks.

Avoid writing lines like, “Sorry I’m late sending this.” Friends love surprise messages; so don’t ruin the moment by calling attention to a negative. Focus on how grateful you are of your relationship with them and the gift they have given.

Think digital. Using the SendThanks app offers a way to send an image of your gift and express your gratitude in a fun and unexpected way.



Photo: Kim Stiver

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