Many times people are unhappy with their work situation or circle of friends. We spend much of our time listening to others complaining about their boss, their spouse or the latest TV news story.

If we’re spending most of our time around negativity it will drain us physically, stagnate our growth and rob our identity. We become part of the negative circle that surrounds us.

One key solution to breaking the path of negativity is the power of collaboration. Collaborating with brilliant people will boost your brain growth and self-esteem.

Join a Meetup group in your local area or volunteer on an important project in your local community. Staying active through networking and collaboration will give us the confidence that anything is truly possible.

Surrounding ourselves with doers as opposed to complainers will give us a positive outlook on life since we our now being exposed to proactive individuals. Spend more time with positive people and your brain will thank you for it.

Think big. Dream big. Collaborate With Brilliance.

Always remember to express gratitude. This will help you attract all that is positive in life!

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