We live in a world where competition is fierce, and expectations are high. Most of us feel stressed just trying to measure up, let alone excel and be great, so we spend our lives flying just below the radar.

Why do we shy away from the spotlight? There are many reasons, but insecurity, fear, and judgment are the most common. So to avoid failure or criticism, we shelve our greatness and continue to produce only mediocre results which don’t get us noticed.

The problem is that living a life that is less than great, leaves you feeling dissatisfied, hopeless, bored and uninspired.

Let the Best You Shine Through

When instead you reach for that higher, better you and let your beautiful uniqueness out, you create something more, something better for the world to enjoy. Your special gifts are meant to be shared.

When you express yourself through your talent, the world benefits. Don’t hold back, don’t let fear or public scrutiny starve you from your higher purpose and your inner being’s craving for inspired greatness.

Let the power of who you really are shine through and lean into what you do well by:

  • Thinking bigger than you have ever before.
  • Getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Stepping boldly into the spotlight.
  • Being unafraid of failure.

Every one of us has something we are great at, but we are holding it back from becoming our joy and our passion. Regardless of whether you are an artist, a chef, or a budding writer, you have inside you the power to be amazing, and you are worth more than you can ever know.

Make today a great day by choosing to let your talent flow and start your journey towards letting your greatness shine and being the best you ever!

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Photo by Tim Gouw

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