Relationships can be hard, even the good ones. However, what if we could change things to create something different, something better that made both people happier?

Taking a spiritual approach to romantic relationships could be the answer. Perhaps by changing how we relate to one another might fix all the underlying issues of control, neglect, lack of freedom and scarcity.

Mindfulness – Keeping yourself in a mindful state helps you to know what others need from you. When both people are on a similar spiritual path of meditation, yoga or other enlightened activities, communication is easier and more relaxed.

Space and Alone Time – People need space and alone time. Give your partner space to breathe and enjoy time together but also time alone for reflection and self-improvement. You will be a stronger couple for it.

More Acceptance/Less Control – Relax gender roles and let each person be who they truly are without judgment. Focus instead on all the wonderful things you love about them and work together as a team to fit each person’s preference.

Enjoy Each Other – Take some time to remember why you chose to walk down the path with your wonderful partner.


Photo: Josh Willink


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