As humans we take for granted so many things from the air we breathe to the relationships all around us. Water, for many of us in developed countries is one of those things. Here we offer just a few simple tips, to make us mindful of earth’s precious resource:

Shut your faucet off when shaving. Turning it on and off saves gallons per year. (Or fill the basin if you prefer.)

Cut your shower by a minute – the next time your in the shower trying cutting your time down by a minute or even two, over time you won’t feel rushed or notice the difference.

Sweep your sidewalk, driveways, patios and decks instead of hosing them down!

Use the same dish, glass and utensils when living alone. Running a dishwasher for a small load can be very wasteful. (The same goes for washing clothes.)

Fill a pot and use it for cooking or cleaning, when waiting for water to run hot in a kitchen sink.


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