Many of us grew up with parents with strong beliefs, biases, and opinions. As grownups, we sometimes live in the shadow of our parent’s teachings. We may even feel guilty if we disagree with our parent’s political, religious or lifestyle views, which can cause severe rifts in our relationships with them. Fortunately, this is where detachment and separation can help.

By exercising loving detachment, and focusing on the positive aspects of the people who cared for, and raised us, we can see them as warm, compassionate individuals. Dissolving the belief that our parents are still authoritative figures directing our actions and our lives, frees us.

Taking it a step further, we then cultivate the certainty that we are entirely separate people entitled to our own beliefs, choices, and decisions. This practice makes it easier to accept our parents and their views without judgment.

Remaining in a state of wanting to please our parents can cause us to develop unhealthy resentments, which then may disrupt our ability to have a healthy relationship with them. A better solution might be to exercise our individuality with pride and purpose while allowing our parents to be who they are.

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