Even though the world has changed a lot for women, it can still be challenging for young girls and teens to find their way through the conflicting ideas and stay strong, confident, assertive and feel safe.

As parents, we can do a lot to make sure our daughters grow up with a sense of pride, self-compassion and individual strength of character so that they make their way in the world on their own terms.

Be a Role Model – Nothing is more effective than being a good, strong, assertive role model for your daughter. Kids emulate their parents and showing rather than telling makes all the difference.

Encourage Individuality – Finding ways to support your daughter’s individuality may be the most important aspect. Self-expression and being allowed to be “who you are,” rather than who the world wants you to be is critical to healthy self-esteem.

Prepare Her For the Real World – although things in your household may be non-sexist, it is essential to prepare her for what she will encounter in jobs, at school and other real-life situations. Focus on coping skills and positive ways to resolve a conflict.


Photo: Josh Willink

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