Art is a very personal thing that can inspire and really liven up a home. Art in any form makes a lovely gift. However, giving art as a gift takes some thoughtful consideration about who you are giving it to and if it is appropriate or wanted.

Let Your Recipient Be Your Guide

Purchasing or creating art for another person is a significant gesture, showing that you invested time and care. So, you will want to know your recipient pretty well. A little bit of research and planning will make a big difference and help your generous offering to be a great success.

A few questions to consider beforehand are:

  • What is their personal sense of style?
  • Do they prefer paintings, drawings, sculptures or mixed media?
  • Are they more interested in contemporary or traditional artwork?
  • Do they own any art and do they have an appreciation of art?
  • Will it blend seamlessly into their current decor?
  • Do they have room for it?
  • Would they enjoy or even show it?

All of these questions will help you decide if you should purchase art as a gift and if so, what style and medium to buy. The goal is to have your gift of art be lovingly appreciated as much as you appreciate them.


(photo: Tim Gouw)

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