Many people go into business for themselves with the intention of scrimping and saving and playing it safe. However according to the spiritual law of attraction that will only create more scarcity and growing your business will be much more difficult. Instead, setting an abundance mindset will produce more profitable results quickly and help you to feel joyful along the way.

What is Scarcity Thinking?

Scarcity thinking is believing that there is not enough of something, money, sales or supplies. When you are in a mindset of scarcity, you feel pressure, working too hard for too little and everything feels like a struggle, like you are running uphill. This mindset creates negative emotions and these emotions drive your reality. Therefore, you keep producing more of the same “less than” feelings and experience not enough.

What is Abundant Thinking?

Abundant thinking is knowing that there is more than enough, an endless supply of everything you want and need. The first step is believing that you are enough. When it appears that there is no easy answer or a solution, ignore the obvious and believe that “yes” there is a possibility. That is abundant thinking. Miracles occur from abundant thinking, doors open where there were none.

Success Comes From Abundant Thinking

Plan for big things to come from your new venture. Don’t save, instead spend bravely and know that what you are spending will come right back to you. Dig deep and listen to your inner guide to inspire you to take the next right action. Expect great things! The most critical thing you can do in your new business is trust entirely in abundance and divine support, don’t waiver in your faith. That alone will help your new business thrive quickly.

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