It feels so good to be in alignment. When you align with source energy, you feel empowered, confident, supported and peaceful. Things just seem to fall into place, answers are right at your fingertips, and you are in the zone.

When you are out of alignment, however, you feel irritable, everything is a struggle, and it’s hard to make any decisions.

Thankfully it is pretty easy to get back into alignment when you fall out. These are some quick ways to snap you right back into feeling good and being aligned with source.

  • Meditate – this is the fastest and best way to get back into alignment and connect to source.
  • Exercise – being physically active helps calm and focus your mind so you can hear your inner guidance.
  • Gratitude – keeping a gratitude list and adding to it when you don’t feel well, can lift you back up and put you in the right mode.
  • Breath – pay attention to your breathing and slow it down, take longer breaths to calm and re-focus yourself.
  • Change Your Mind – distract yourself with pictures of things that make you feel joyful or happy. If you find your mind racing, take a break or a short nap to stop that negative momentum.

The more often you are in spiritual alignment, the more productive, efficient and joyful you will be. Hopefully, this list will help you get right back into a smooth, peaceful place where you feel your true potential and power.

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