Forgiveness feels so good and is an essential element of breaking away from negative energy. If you have ever really let go of a grudge against someone else, you know how wonderful it is. You feel like you have released an enormous burden, feeling lighter, freer and more joyful instantly.

In romantic relationships, this can be difficult. As humans, we hold onto our resentments, not realizing we are causing more pain to ourselves than to the other person.

Often we feel that by forgiving, we are ok with the behavior or allowing it to continue. That is not true. By holding onto anger and hate, we only cause ourselves harm. Prolonged negative thinking can cause physical and mental stress and even illness.

Forgiving your special someone may help build a new bridge of trust and open communication between you. Wouldn’t it be great to fix a damaged relationship and forge something newer and better? All you need is forgiveness.

By genuinely forgiving, which means not only letting go of the incident but forgetting about it too, we free ourselves, and our soul to new heights of healing and wellbeing and enrich our relationships with our partners beyond anything we can imagine.

Always remain in a state of gratitude and thankfulness, this will deliver all things positive into our life. #sendthanks

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