Therapeutic painting classes are popping up all over large cities and small towns. Sometimes groups of friends attend together, and often couples will sign up for a date night activity. Some of these classes offer food or even wine along with the fun.

When you engage in artistic expression, you unleash your passion, and your creative energies start to flow. Being creative has deep, healing benefits.

Painting is a wonderful path to self-discovery and joy and may alleviate the stresses of day-to-day living.

Creating art is therapy. Painting relaxes the mind and puts you entirely in the present moment, much like yoga or meditation. Creative arts have been known to lower blood pressure, reduce stress, help with sleep and create a peaceful, overall calm feeling in people suffering from anxiety.

The act of painting; brushing paint over a canvas feels very soothing to many people. Painting inspires a feeling of tranquility along with productivity, as you create something lovely while centering yourself into a peaceful state.

Taking a painting class is also the perfect way to indulge in some “me time,” by completely tuning out the world and focusing on your muse.

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