Most of us at some time in our lives have tried to control someone else.

It is challenging in relationships not to express what we think would be best for our loved ones.

Yet, trying to manage the lives of others not only has a negative effect, it can also expose our own weaknesses.

In relationships, we sometimes cross boundaries and start to believe that we know better what another person should do, think or feel. When we act on those beliefs and begin to exert control, it destroys the fabric of the relationship.

Everyone is free to choose whatever he or she wants in life. Nagging and continuously complaining about another person’s behavior only irritates them, causing resentment. Then the controlling person feels a sense of anger, resulting in dissatisfaction. Trying to control another person is exhausting.

Even if our intentions are pure, trying to change another person does not work. Change only comes from within and only if the individual wants to change.

Having a healthy relationship means loving the person as they are, not who we want them to be. Letting go of control and finding ways to support them and show our loving compassion can help weave strength and respect back into our relationships.

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