Have you ever done just the right thing at the right time and then been amazed at the result? Often we label this a coincidence when really it is our spiritual guidance system working to provide us with the most positive outcome.

Sometimes we have trouble knowing what that guidance feels like. If you listen to any spiritual teachers you will most likely hear the same thing; our guidance system works through our emotions. So how do we know when we are being guided down the perfect path?

If you are in perfect alignment with your heart’s desire, you will feel inspired, hopeful, joyful and happy. If you are making a choice and you feel fear, doubt or weary, then you may want to sit in meditation before proceeding.

Our spiritual guides are always available, sending us messages through intuition about the best possible action for us to take. The key is in hearing that message and not getting in the way. If you are feeling out of alignment, and not in a positive mood, the best approach is to sit back, take a deep, and wait before taking any action, to be sure you are listing for your highest good.

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