Many of us pour our heart, searching for the perfect gift, in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, only to lose that fire a day later. February 15th should be no less important than the 14th. Our heart does not change in any way, yet our actions do.

Keep that Valentine’s flame burning bright by:

Repeating the words you wrote in that beautiful card to your loved one. Reaffirming that wonderful message tells your partner you are standing alongside him or her for life.

Make that special breakfast in bed every week. Every week together is special. And, above all, be sure to enjoy that breakfast together.

Keep that wonderful idea of staying active and outdoors. Spending time at a restaurant or bar can be fun, yet, hiking, walking or dancing offer a better level of intimacy, while taking in the world around us.

Let’s remember to express gratitude. Sharing thankfulness sends the message that we do not take our special loved one for granted and appreciate every moment of being together.

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