Mindfulness vs. Focus

You might think that mindfulness and focus are the same things, but they are very different.

If you have ever had trouble keeping your mind empty while you were meditating, this might shed some light on why. You were most likely in a state of focus but not mindfulness.


In this state, 100% of your mental energy is centered tightly on one thought, one goal or one object. It is essentially complete absorption. When you focus, you are less affected by distractions and are not as aware of your surroundings.

A strong focus is excellent for solving a problem or comprehending a complex idea. Focusing can help you get things done and stay distraction-free to be more efficient or useful in an emergency.


When you are in a mindful state, you are “present in the moment” meaning that you are aware of and focused on everything but nothing at all. You are a spectator observing where your attention moves but not trying to control it or focus too tightly on any one thing.

The state of mindfulness is more conducive to allowing and receiving as an open channel for meditation and spiritual guidance.

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