One of our mantras at SendThanks is: Send Thanks Daily. We believe the most successful people realize how critical the connection between success and gratitude truly is. It is part of the pathway to prosperity.

It’s no wonder a recent report from NBC shares how one class at Yale University in New Haven, CT has become the most popular course in their 316 year history. The students accepted at this top university are among the brightest young minds in the world. Yet, it’s that same competitiveness that can get in the way of happiness. The drive to succeed and race to the top can make even the smartest person an unhappy student.

Psychology and The Good Life helps students through this common issue we all deal with. Course homework better known as Happiness Homework consists of the following:

  1. Meditate for 10 Minutes – We agree with this completely. Daily meditation helps keep us relaxed throughout the day and focused on our life’s purpose.
  2. Sleep for 8 Hours – We all need sufficient sleep. When the body is tired, the mind is weak and tends to drift.
  3. Do Something Kind – Nothing is more rewarding than doing something for someone else. Tiny gestures of kindness make a big difference for individuals and communities.
  4. Write Down 5 Things You Are Grateful For

This last one is near and dear to our heart. It’s what drives our mission at Send Thanks. We believe sharing gratitude, sending thanks, and sharing it with the world is the best way to revive the mind, and feed the soul.

Increasing happiness in one’s life should never be a chore. Being grateful for all the positive in one’s life is a great place to start.

As one Yale student put it, “It takes a lot of work to correct your old habits.”

This may be true for some of us, but with a little conviction and the right tools we can set ourselves on a path of positivity, prosperity and remain happy during our journey through life.

In future Send Thanks blog posts, we’ll be diving deeper into each of the aforementioned steps. Staying true to our mission of helping others express gratitude and thankfulness is what gives us the ultimate rush.

Always remember to express gratitude. This will help you get closer to your goals and keep a positive outlook on your life!

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