You’ve completed an interview with a company you dream of working for. Congratulations are in order for making it this far. Your confidence rides with you down ten floors in an elevator filled with people, some working for the same company. Thoughts of your first day riding that elevator back up to your dream job consume you.

You walk slowly through the lobby and get the urge to say thank you to anyone that will look your way. Wanting to share your appreciation, you pull that smartphone from your jacket pocket, tap on the email icon and do what any smart, talented and proactive person would do: send a thank you email. But, is the timing right?

Rushing through your message on a 4″ screen that barely accommodates two-thumbs, you write what comes to your mind and rush to press send. And then, the wait begins. If you are one of the many active professionals seeking employment and have experienced this – we offer the following three points to consider:

1. Don’t rush: think, draft, redraft, and proofread. You’re better off sending a thank you note in one or two days than one or two hours after your interview. In most cases it’s best to impress with the substance than the speed.

2. Mean what you say: never send a cookie-cutter thank you. Lines like, “I feel I’m the right fit,” or “Your company is great” are overused and do nothing to distinguish you. Avoid clichés at all cost. Send a heartfelt message, by using your personal voice.

3. Make an effort to point out what you learned during the interview and why you feel you can contribute and collaborate seamlessly with this individual or department team. Share what unique traits you both share and how your skills will compliment their agenda.

Avery Elizabeth, gratitude expert and CEO of the SendThanks mobile app puts it this way, “It’s a matter of gaining your prospective employer’s trust. They need to feel secure that you are interested in furthering their agenda, and not just looking for the next job.”

The substance of your follow-up is more important than how quickly you send it. Of course, there are instances when a decision is being made that evening or the next day, but in most corporate recruiting, decisions are rarely made so quickly.

“When drafting your thank you note,” adds Ms. Elizabeth, “take an extra moment to reflect, and visualize yourself interacting with your new co-workers. Your genuine words of gratitude will deliver what you’ve been searching for.”

About SendThanks: is a mobile app that offers everyone the chance to send thanks to anyone around the world. Founded by philanthropic entrepreneur Avery Elizabeth, the app encourages everyone to “leverage the power of gratitude” for a better life. Visit App Store or Google Play to install the SendThanks app.

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