Many people begin to wonder if returning to school for their Masters degree will impact their life in a positive way. For some, the thoughts of adding more debt or being around students much younger adds so much fear that it turns a decision into analysis paralysis.

Here are a few beneficial reasons why returning to school may be in your best interest:

Growing income: Even when drawing from savings or adding debt by way of student loans the rewards can be much greater. According to 2015 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics: weekly media income for workers holding a Masters degree was $1,341 vs. $1,137 for those with a Bachelor’s degree.

Expanding socially: Being part of a university setting can extend your social network exponentially. These new contacts include: faculty, counselors and students – all of which have the potential to introduce new career opportunities.

Developing brain: Learning new methods and techniques keeps the mind active and in turn your perspective young. Something as exciting as mastering a second language can actually help in preventing Alzheimer’s.

Learning should never end. Being in a setting that challenges your intellect is the best way to revive a career and help reinvent yourself – no matter what your age.

Always remember to express gratitude. This will help you make sound decisions and keep a positive outlook on your life – both in and out of the classroom!

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