As the five day work week draws to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on the week that past, which in turn takes some of us further to a friend or group of friends we’ve lost touch with. It may be a good idea to let go of the house chores for just a bit, and take a big step forward by reconnecting with a special friend that meant so much to you.

When reconnecting be mindful of the following points to receive the most value from that precious first moment:

If they live close by, offer to meet them for tea or coffee at a quiet cafe, ensuring sure the setting won’t be the center of attention and distract either of you from your reconnection.

Be mindful to ask and listen about their life and not dominate the conversation completely about yours. We often forget to listen, since we want to share so much of what has transpired. Take a deep breath and enjoy listening as much as telling.

Carry an old photo of a good time you both had together. Better yet, use the SendThanks app to reconnect by sending them a custom e-card with your photo before you meet. This will give you a great place to start your conversation.

This moment is so important for the two of you. Never end (or begin) your reconnection by asking for a favor, unless you’re asking for a promise to stay in touch.

Finally, end your reconnection date with a plan to meet again or in the least set a date to speak by phone. This will ensure your effort to reengage truly becomes a valuable step forward in your life.

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