Many of us think in terms of job happiness and fulfillment, only to spend our working hours wondering when that “happiness” will arrive. And others wonder if there even is such a thing as job fulfillment? Can we ever be happy at working for someone else or is self-employment the solution to our career blues?

Some things are for sure:

  1. If we aren’t happy with those around us – truly happy – then our tasks will seem like drudgery.
  2. When we take a job to “pay the bills” yet would prefer doing something else then no amount of money will matter.
  3. Asking for a raise from someone you have nothing but contempt for will only keep you in the misery!

Try seeking the things that matter most every day:

  1. Spend more time after work (even if you are a bit tired) and do what you love – even if it’s for free! As times goes on, your expertise in the “thing you love” will draw the attention of others and provide a way out of the job you want to leave.
  2. Always think of being in service to others and your mindset will change from focusing on what you don’t have to what value you offer others. This may seem counterintuitive but it’s not. Once you enjoy serving the needs of others, your path becomes your own.
  3. Never accept toxic or derogatory remarks thrown at you. If you are not willing to respect yourself by rejecting negativity – how can you expect anyone else to respect you?

Remember to be thankful for your gifts and talents. Share your gratitude with the world and the world will come to you.

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